I was right about the mangoes

Last year I predicted that life might be full of mangoes.  Now I can report back: in May and June I was a mango addict. Mangoes were cheap, delicious and available everywhere in a dozen varieties (like Mallika, Malgova, Bagenpalli, Raspuri, Alphonso).  I was buying them every day, keeping a box in the kitchen stocked with at least two kinds of mango, and (on the day I took this photo) one rather weird bunch of red “mountain bananas”.  The mango in the hammock in the other photo was a promotional display in our local Hypercity supermarket.

But the best mangoes came not from the supermarket but from my friend Poonam’s organic garden. I don’t know whether it was the organic soil, or the good vibes from the yoga class in the same garden, but those mangoes were fantastic.  The other good ones came from a Muslim village near the golf club, where prices were lower than in the city.

I wish mango season would come round again….but for now I am enjoying small bananas from Kerala.  Which, thankfully, are not red.


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