Like That Only?

A new restaurant has opened in Whitefield, called “Like That Only”.

In fact the name is “likethatonly”, and our driver had been passing it every day mystified by the strange name until I explained that it was three English words stuck together.  Paul and I had a good lunch there on Saturday – and the photo of a dragonfly chopstick rest should show you that the restaurant has a casual, stylish, south-east Asian vibe.

Likethatonly is not the only strangely-named place in Bangalore – I have also lunched at “I and Monkey”.   On the other hand, our favourite restaurants in London are called “Pied a Terre” and “L’Autre Pied”, so maybe chefs just pick weird names all over the world.

Like That Only?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. adspark says:

    Did you like it? I heard it’s good to go for drinks and dinner as well.


    1. KC says:

      Yes, in fact it would be a perfect place for our next girls’ night out .


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