Tea and Chips

I don’t do my own ironing in India – I send everything out to a local ironing service. I’ve long been fascinated by the low-tech nature of this service, where they don’t have an electric steam iron, yet do a better job than I would. Today I had a close-up look at the “iron box” (as they call it here), when it was sitting on the ground outside, being used to make tea. The lid of the iron was open, to reveal the charcoal chips. A stainless steel cup, with a bowl as a lid, was sitting there, as though on a stove. When they lifted off the bowl, I saw a bubbling cup of milky tea. I must say that the people who provide this ironing service certainly deserve a cup of tea.

5 thoughts on “Tea and Chips

  1. This certainly looks more enjoyable that the way they do the ironing in Sicily… or should I say, the way my mother in law makes me do the ironing!

    I love the tea my Indian friends in England make, with cinnamon, cloves and other spices. Do you like it made like that? And do they often have it like that in India, or is it usually made plain style?


    1. Reading your post about ironing clarified what I love about the Indian ironing service – I am in control. I only send out the clothes that I want pressed. The Iron Man will never see my pyjamas, knickers or jeans.
      As for tea: my guilty secret is that I have not adjusted at all to Indian tea. It is usually served plain, it’s also easy to get that spicy tea that you mentioned, but I don’t like milky tea. I will take a cup of Indian tea to be polite, and hope it has tasty spices, but my Bangalore kitchen is stuffed full of imported green tea from Japan, and Earl Grey tea bags from London.


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