I took this photo at dusk with my phone, so it’s not very clear. But I wasn’t going to take time to find my camera, while this brave man with open-toed sandals and no special equipment, gloves or containers was holding a five-foot long snake in our garden. He left a few minutes later with the snake double-bagged in binbags.

The Bravest Man in Bangalore
The Bravest Man in Bangalore

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  1. Alison Whale says:

    Wow – now that is exotic. In Singapore the biggest pests we had were cockroaches, nothing that could bit/squeeze you! I’m guessing this one is a biting snake because it looks a bit think to squeeze anything. Sorry this is so short – doesn’t do justice to the fun of having India beamed into SW13, nor is it witty – so I hope your followers look at your great pictures and not my feeble response!


  2. adspark says:

    Yikes! Do you know what kind of snake it is? yucky!!


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