Fruit and Vegetable Stalls

I can buy fruit and vegetables in Bangalore from all kinds of places.  Here are some photos of stalls, including a man sitting on the pavement of a street in Varthur selling guavas (spot the clever way in which the bamboo protects his stock) and two movable fruit stalls in Shivajinagar.

varthur fruit seller


fruit stall bananas custard apples

I also buy vegetables in supermarkets.  Here is a stand full of kappa (which I only discovered this week is the source of tapioca) in the Hypercity supermarket in Kundalahalli Gate.

kappa price


4 thoughts on “Fruit and Vegetable Stalls

  1. I love your pictures – everything looks so colourful and vibrant. I think my favourite for this week is the stick insect, though. Maybe I’lll recommend one as a pet to the boys when inevitable happens to the hamster… At least insects don’t run round in noisy wheels all night. Although would we have to feed it bugs? Leaves would be OK…


  2. i never knew what Kappa is – do you know how it ‘turns’ into tapioca?
    Also waiting for pics of the home grown banana tasting ceremony!!


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