I took this photo from my terrace, across the fence into the next garden. If I share the fruit of my mango tree with my neighbours, do you think they might give me some jackfruit?

P1010171While waiting for my neighbour’s fruit to ripen, I went shopping in BEML layout, where you can buy pieces of fruit from a stall. The air around that street corner was thick with the sweet scent of  jackfruit. Now our car smells the same. The inside of the fruit is sticky, so the stallholder uses oil on his fingers to separate the segments of fruit from the pith. Inside each yellow segment is a brown stone.



Even though the jackfruit season is only beginning, the fruit from this stall was deliciously sweet.


For more information on Indian jackfruit, I recommend a blog post entitled “Shree Padre’s Jackfruit Paradise – Panruti breaks all records” on http://www.indiawaterportal.org/blog/chandrasekharnemani/12144.

FOUR MONTHS LATER: My neighbour has just given me some freshly cut segments of jackfruit from her garden!  I wonder if she is naturally generous, or if she read this blog post?!


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