One of the regular visitors to my garden is a Barbet. I think its scientific name is Megalaima Viridis, but it seems to have two common names – the Small Green Barbet and the White-Cheeked Barbet. Both seem accurate enough, judging by the photo below. It has a big beak which is stout enough to chisel out tree trunks to construct a nest hole, but I haven’t seen that. I just watch the bird sit, preen itself and shout across the garden from this tall tree.


Just like buses, you wait your whole life to see a barbet and then two come along inside 48 hours. I spotted the first barbet on a Sunday in March, then another one appeared on the following Tuesday. This one also has two names – the Crimson-breasted Barbet (from its appearance) and the Coppersmith Barbet (from its call, which sounds like metal being beaten).



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