Summer in London

One more post from my trip to London.  For a mix of horticulture, history, picnics and nosiness, you can’t beat “Open Garden Squares Weekend”.  Armed with my weekend ticket, I wandered around London, exploring gardens which are normally open only to key-holders.

I took a taxi to the lawyers’ gardens at the Inns of Court – Inner Temple and Middle Temple (where tea and cupcakes were on offer).  Closer to home, I walked to Park Square and Park Crescent, which had no cupcakes but which did have the most beautifully scented roses.  As a resident of the parish of St Marylebone, I may be eligible to subscribe for a key to these gardens, but there is a long waiting list.

On Sunday morning I cycled (on a rented Boris bike) to the garden at Drapers’ Hall.  Hidden in the winding alleyways of the City of London, this garden is dense with historical interest.

Sign for Drapers' Hall


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  1. londonslant says:

    Beautiful images. Thanks for the follow – and I look forward to keeping up with your travels.


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