Sometimes it seems like there is a festival every day in India. As well as the weddings and the major religious festivals, there are small festivals in individual villages. In many places there is a tradition of carrying statues of deities through the streets in remarkably tall chariots.

This chariot is from a village near Varthur.


Here are some details from that chariot.




On our regular route from Whitefield to Bengaluru International Airport we drive through Devanahalli.  This chariot (snapped with my iPhone camera) came from that area.


The last two photos below come from our local village – Ramagondanahalli.  I was in the car on the main road, and the procession was disappearing into a narrow side street.  My photography skills sadly weren’t up to the job – the chariot was too big to fit in one photo, so you just have to imagine the top and bottom joined together. Maybe next time I will be better prepared!




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  1. Very nice pictures. The village where I am currently based had their own mini mela this weekend but their deity had more of a sedan chair than a chariot.


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