Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Birthday!

Today is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.  To mark the occasion, I am sending a friendly wave and a bunch of flowers from the flower and vegetable gardens of Siddapura, Bangalore to all the readers of Distant Drumlin…..and most especially to my sister-in-law Karen on her birthday!

market gardeners

Here are the flowers…



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  1. Expat Eye says:

    Happy Ligo from Latvia!


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thank you!


  2. I have nominated your blog for the “Shine On” award for blogging. Please accept this honor in recognition of your excellent blog. Visit the site at the end of this message to read the rules and responsibility of accepting this award.


    Keep up the great posts!



  3. dasganu says:

    These are exceptionally clear photos. What camera were they taken with? I’m guessing maybe a DSLR.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thank you!. I used a Panasonic Lumix DMC G3, with the 100-300mm lens. It is a small camera, but that lens is great.


      1. dasganu says:

        The G3 seems to be an excellent camera!


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