You need Money to Travel by Bus

When this bus arrived at the bus stop on Whitefield Main Road on Wednesday morning, several people were waiting.

Photograph by Karolyn Cooper

They were surprised to see this passenger step down from the bus.


What actually happened……

The dog wasn’t travelling to Whitefield – it was trying to climb on board there and travel into the city.  And it didn’t have any money or a bus pass.  So even when it sneaked on a second time behind the woman in pink, the driver sent it away.  I didn’t wait around to see if it tried to board the next bus.


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  1. annetbell says:

    I love this picture. The dog reminds me of “Ginger” our feral dog from the street where we lived in Ahmedabad! Namaste. . . .Anne ( my blog from incredible India…. there is a post called ferel dogs)


  2. i*Kan says:

    Haha! The things that can happen in India 🙂


  3. dasganu says:

    Amazing shot! And a great story! I often see strays in my area sleeping on raised platforms or on a heap of sand. They are fed by the people in the neighborhood. In fact, there’s one that hangs out at our local bakery that eyes you intently, waiting for scraps.

    I’ve also sighted pugs (with owners). A common sight in the US, it’s hard to believe that the pug has finally made it all the way to Bangalore!


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. There are two pugs here in Palm Meadows. Very cute dogs. I assumed that American expats had brought the pugs with them on their posting to India, but maybe not. Maybe Indian families are keeping pugs as pets now. I should stop and chat to pugs and owners and find out.


      1. dasganu says:

        Many Indians now have pugs. We just saw one today. They are popular enough that they are featured in Bollywood (Hindi) films (though in short appearances). I wonder if they are bred locally or imported.

        Other breeds I have seen here are the Labrador, Rottweiler, Dachshund, Boxer, Basset Hound, St. Bernard and Great Dane. Surprising to see so many breeds!

        The only breed I haven’t seen here is the Chihuahua. For some reason they haven’t caught on here, maybe due to people’s lack of familiarity with the breed.


  4. Kim says:

    Thank you for finding my blog, and thus leading me to yours. So lovely and uplifting! A big hug from Fiji – Kim


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thank you!


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