10 Clues that We’re in India – Clues 6 and 7

Yes, I’m still using the same old photo of traffic.  Here are two more clues that it is Indian traffic.  For clues 1 to 5, look at the blog entries for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Traffic in Bangalore

Clue No. 6.   The faded blue writing on the building is in Karnataka’s local language – Kannada.


I was hoping for something deep and meaningful, but my husband’s Kannadiga colleague tells me that the sign says “Asian Hardware”.   I can’t read or speak any Kannada; I’m only 50% sure I could recognise signs for Bangalore or Whitefield; but I recently found a website with some useful phrases – www.kannadabaruthe.com.   Someone has even started a WordPress blog for learning Kannada.

Here are some more photos of local Kannada signs, this time with ready-made English translations.

Whitefield Fish and chicken centre

divine light

Clue No. 6.   If you look at the tree trunk, you will see an advertisement in English for PG or “Paying Guests”.  That ad is too small to read, but it was not hard to find other ads for PGs.

PG ads
All three ads share the same typo – the Realince Fresh shop given as a landmark is actually called Reliance Fresh.

PG Gents

There is a big demand for rooms to rent in Bangalore, because so many people move here for work.  People care about the type of room they get, but they also care about food.  If you want to attract tenants moving down south from the northern cities of India, you need to reassure them about the menu – see the photos above for the promise of “south and north homely Indian food”.  What are the North Indians worried about?  Do they think that the South Indian menu will offer curd rice only?

curd rice

2 thoughts on “10 Clues that We’re in India – Clues 6 and 7

  1. Good one Karolyn ‘ what are the north Indians worried about…. ‘ Yes most of the north Indians still think South Indians eat only Rice and Sambar!! But this is totally wrong with Karnataka as we had Chapati, Roti and curry in our menu even before Bangalore became IT hub.


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