Asian Koel

A bird was sitting outside my kitchen window for a long time last week.

Asian Koel

I’m pretty sure it’s an Asian Koel, and I wonder if it is the offspring of the bird I photographed in March.  The Koel is a kind of cuckoo, so (without any evidence at all) I imagine that that female laid her egg in a crow’s nest in one of the trees near my house; that the egg hatched; that the chick fledged; and that the juvenile bird flew back into my garden for a photo opportunity.

Tentatively identified as a  juvenile Asian Koel
Tentatively identified as a juvenile Asian Koel

It was breakfasting on the yellow palm nuts , but had to share a few with a palm squirrel (who is just a scurrying furry blur in the final photo, but gets a starring role in my next blog entry).

Yellow berries for breakfast
Yellow palm nuts for breakfast
Plenty of berries for bird and squirrel
Bright-eyed bird and bushy-tailed palm squirrel

4 thoughts on “Asian Koel

  1. I thought that the koel was completely black, though the female might be spotted. If they visit your place in the morning you can wake up to their calls that can be quite loud. You can also hear them in the evening.

    Here is a video I shot of a koel’s call:

    Here’s a video that I shot of the Indian Hoopoe some years back when I was visiting Bangalore from the US:


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