Indian Bullfrog

Am I safe on my evening walks inside Palm Meadows? We have good security, so the biggest danger is stepping on an unsuspecting frog. I narrowly avoided this one, and then scared him again by taking a photograph with my phone, which is why he is trying to climb up the lamp post.

There are lots of frogs around on rainy days. They make a surprising amount of noise for such small creatures, just not enough to alert me to their presence on the path in front of me. This is my public apology to the frogs for nearly stamping on them. I just can’t hear you through my headphones when I’m listening to my Three Dog Night playlist.

Jeremiah? Or Hypnotoad from Futurama?

I think this was an Indian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) but am happy to be corrected by any frog experts. I got my information from this article by Vikram Nanjappa at I also learned that I really shouldn’t trample on bullfrogs because their tadpoles eat mosquito larvae. Any creature that attacks mosquitoes is worth keeping.


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  1. Any creature that eats mosquitoes is a friend of mine!


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