Is there any Country that doesn’t have Ladybirds?

When I was looking for blackberries, I must have strayed into a surreal Meadow of Ladybirds. It was just a grassy field, on a sunny day in September, but there were Coccinellidae (also known as ladybird beetles and ladybugs) all over the place.

I think all my photos show the Seven Spot Ladybird (Coccinella 7-punctata).


Some of the cute wee bugs were climbing up the grass.


Some were shouting “Hands off our blackberries, Gigantor!”

Ladybirds on Blackberry

But some weren’t so lucky – this one was wandering around on some dried cow dung.


Ladybirds are common in British and Irish farms and gardens, and are loved for being aphid-eating pest controllers. Do ladybirds have a worldwide range? I think they do, but I haven’t seen any in my garden in Bangalore. So, Distant Drumlin readers, do you have ladybirds where you are?


Sitting in my Bangalore garden on the holiday for Gandhi Jayanthi, I spotted something orange flying past and landing on a leaf.  I ran for the camera, and snapped this.

Is it a bird, a plane, a ladybird?

Same bug, different angle.  Could it be the elusive Indian ladybird? I have no idea!

How many spots?

21 thoughts on “Is there any Country that doesn’t have Ladybirds?

    1. That’s the second comment from India, so it does look like a negative picture for ladybirds in urban India. Lets hope someone has spotted them in a more rural setting.


  1. well here in the US . . . in the foothills of Appalachia we have plenty of lady bugs to give away . . . by plenty I mean thousands and that is just on my small cabin in the woods. Personally I love all things “nature” BUT these guys are pushing the limits. . . .


      1. When I was a kid we would pick up a lady bug and sing. “Lady bug . .. lady bug fly away homme . . . then we blow lightly on it and it would fly away . . . .

        Today I suck them up into a shop vac when I can no longer see through my studio window . . . 😦


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