Butterflies are frequent visitors to my garden in Bangalore.  I thought I would never get a photo of them, as I was just too slow to click.  But I’m pretty pleased with this one.


If I knew anything about butterflies, I would be identifying this for you.  As I don’t, I’m going to guess that it is the Common Castor (Ariadne merione), for two reasons.

1.  The Common Castor is common in India – what are the chances of me spotting a rare one first time?

2.. The Common Castor is fond of resting on vegetation with its wings beating slowly (being kind to photographers).

But if you have any better ideas, let me know.  And if you want to read a proper butterfly blog by someone who knows what she is talking about, go to 2sojourners, where Sylvia writes about butterflies, as well as her expat experience as an American in China.

I was surrounded by butterflies at the golf course on Tuesday. These ones were not resting on vegetation; they were flying and chasing each other, and avoiding golfballs, so I have no photos. They may have been Blue Tigers.

Meanwhile here are two more photos from my garden of butterfly-free flowers.



3 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. Karolyn, it is indeed the Common Castor (Ariadne merione tapestrina). Good ID. All the other Castors either have more strongly crenelated borders or lack the small white dot on the edge of the forewing. (at least in reference materials I have on hand) Lovely capture of this little guy! I hope you find many more both in your garden and on the golf course. And thank you for your kind comments. I am indeed passionate about chasing butterflies.


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