Upgrading the Iron to Brass

We still send our clothes to be ironed by the same people in Ramagondanahalli.  Remember the iron box from my blogpost from last year?

old iron

This week our “Iron Man” showed me a lovely brass iron box.  Still powered by charcoal, still not dependent on  Bangalore’s unreliable electricity.

brass ironHis son was curious to see who was at the door.

ironing man sonAnd finally, one more close look at the shiny brass iron box.

brass iron crop


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  1. RaisingDragonBoy says:

    Hi, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Your blog is fascinating. Have a great weekend. Cheers, Mom of Dragon Boy


  2. Wow! This iron should be placed in the museum! 😄 Amazing! It must be very heavy too.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Heavy, yes, and amazing too. I’ve seen irons like this sold as “vintage antiques” on Ebay for large sums of money.


  3. Fascinating! I have never seen such a thing.

    I love the picture of the boy peeking out.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      He’s a cute boy, isn’t he.


  4. chirose says:

    That iron is very cool..!! And probably very hot…


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Good comment!


  5. This makes me realise – I’ve never really paid any attention to the iron boxes used by ironing services throughout the city. 😦
    Great pics!


  6. Karolyn Cooper says:

    You find the most interesting things in Bangalore in the most unlikely places.


  7. dasganu says:

    These iron boxes (at least the grey ones) are common outside apartment complexes where the iron men (and ladies) can make a good living. Sometimes we give them coconut shells or husks to use as fuel for the boxes.


  8. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Thank you for commenting. That’s a great idea, giving coconut husks to the iron man for fuel.


  9. Nirmal says:

    i always thought these were left behind by the Brits 🙂


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