Dussehra – the Prequel

What do you do with a sackful of flowers in Bangalore this week?  Celebrate the festival of Dussehra (also called Dasara).

tumbling flowers

At this festival people honour the tools that they use in your home or at work. Anything from a sewing machine to a tractor to a laptop, even a camera.

My photos of last year’s Dussehra appear in a series of three blogposts, starting here.

This year, our driver is planning a puja for the vehicles on Friday, so I don’t have photos of our own ceremony yet.   Instead, here are the supplies that you need for the puja, on sale from roadside vendors on Whitefield Main Road.

If you are doing a puja for the car, you need banana leaves to decorate the front of the vehicle.

banana leaves

Then you need offerings of fruit and leaves.


leaves for puja

And pumpkins to be smashed.


This ceremony means a lot to our Hindu driver; and to me it is a symbol of the anniversary of my husband’s job in Bangalore, and of our driver working for us.

12 thoughts on “Dussehra – the Prequel

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yesterday I saw five cement mixers decorated for Dussehra. Then I saw a cow eating the flower garland from the front of a car. I wish I had captured those unique scenes with the camera. I must be more observant this week, and carry the camera!


  1. Reblogged this on Flakey Blog and commented:
    Wow..!!! Very nice photos…I love the Marigold photo you took!! for Dussehra preparation. When I see your posts and photos…It reminds me of my trip to Bangalore and the food I had, temple I visited there in the evening, was so blissful. I am still missing out photos, I wish I had done the photo transfer, as still they are with my mamma and she doesn’t know how to do transfer and send it to me…:) . I loved the amazing food …I had their, it was so delicious and tasty that I ate more than I usually have and Whenever I went out, I always had dosa dosa and dosa…I love Mysore masala dosa…:) it doesn’t go off my mind sometimes hahaha. Even my dad plans to visit me for few weeks this november, and I plan to make Dosa’s,Poha and Upma for breakfast for him with Chutney powder/Curd. He gets a smile on his face when I make it and can’t resist to have more,to eat…and bit hesitant to ask me to make more dosa’s. Anyways, I went few months back thinking about my trip…:)


    1. Thank you for commenting and re-blogging. Maybe I should take some more photos of dosas and other food for the blog. I’m eating some Mysore Pak sweets right now.


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