Full Service at the Petrol Bunk

Our car has been blessed; now it needs fuel.   We fill her up with diesel every week at this place. I call it a petrol station; Americans call it a gas station; but the local name is “petrol bunk”. P1020419

Filling up at Shell is expensive; we could save money by buying fuel from the local Indian petrol bunks like Bharat Petroleum.  But we do get service with a smile.

Shell sign There is no self-service here.  If I hadn’t been taking photographs, I could have stayed in the car while these guys filled the tank, took payment and gave a receipt.

Shell guy filling diesel

Every petrol bunk has a never-ending queue of two-wheeler customers. This one includes a lovely blue Royal Enfield.

P1020420It’s years since I saw a petrol station in the UK offering service like this.  British petrol stations are all self-service now, with most expecting you to walk in to the shop to pay (and not drive off without paying).   So, Distant Drumlin readers, how do you refuel? Same as India, or self-service?


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  1. The petrol bunk guys are so sweet 🙂 and there are so many of them ~ Lakshmi x


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thank you for commenting. The guys that I photographed were great – both sweet and professional.


  2. chirose says:

    They are still full service in Mexico too.!! I was completely surprised by that when I lived there. I never knew what to do when I filled up the car because I had become so used to self-serve. Very cool photos.!!


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      You might think the difference is labour costs. But maybe full service just survives in hot countries. My friend in Finland tells me that everything is automated there. Yet in India and Mexico we have full service. Maybe nobody wants to stand outside in the freezing cold Finnish winter.


      1. chirose says:

        Considering how cold it can get in Finland and Chicago – I think your theory is very on point.!!


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