Giant Snail

Have you seen the size of the snails in India? They are massive.  Using the official standard Indian unit of measurement, they are the size of two cricket balls. Yes, my garden is home to a Giant African Land Snail.

snail and two cricket balls

This snail would crush a British or Irish snail like a two tonne Toyota Fortuner rolling over a rickshaw.

I spotted it in the garden at 7 a.m.
what's that coming over the hill?
It was not content with life in the long grass, and was determined to reach the house.
snail in clover
It hauled itself up on to the terrace.
snail climbing
snail on terrace

Was it interested in me or my breakfast?  It was actually looking for somewhere to rest above ground level.  After a few hours I removed it from my cane chair.  A few hours after that, the snail was sleeping in a flowerpot.

10 thoughts on “Giant Snail

    1. Thank you. Sometimes a great picture is enough. I smiled at one today on your blog of a splashing duck, and I don’t think there was much to add to that photo!


  1. Oh my gosh! That snail really is massive!
    Great pics! I don’t think I have ever seen a snail this close.
    I have seen snails in shells; in fact, we do have quite a few in our courtyard, but never out of a shell. And they are not as huge as this one.


    1. So here’s a joke to make up for upsetting you at lunch.
      A snail goes into a bar. The barman says “no snails allowed”, picks up the snail and throws it across the carpark.
      A year later the snail comes back into the bar and says “What did you do that for?”.


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