Blades Sharpened, Watches Repaired

I am flying to the UK next month, so I am starting my Christmas shopping in the markets of Bangalore.  Friends and family reading this back home, do you have any requests?

Actually I think my Dad might like this stall where tools are sold and sharpened.

tool sale


Does anyone need a watch repaired? I have been looking for an excuse to shop at the next shop – it’s so small!

small watch shop

7 thoughts on “Blades Sharpened, Watches Repaired

  1. When I still lived in East Finchley (London), there was (and probably still is) a repair shop (for shoes, leather goods, etc) round the corner from my flat that was just a bit bigger than the one above. You couldn’t move in there! Felt like being in a time capsule 😉


  2. Reblogged this on Flakey Blog and commented: your trip is getting over ??
    If you get chance buy Indian Bangalore silk sarees !!! I am sure that would be one of your unique shopping items…!!a very indian one !!


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