Bullock Cart – End of the Working Day

We have just had some cool, wet days in Bangalore, so here are some photos from May, when we were complaining about the unrelenting heat and sunshine. I had been photographing the market gardens of Siddapura when I came across a bullock cart. They must have just finished a delivery.

Siddapura Bullock Cart

bullock and blue trailer

Untied from the yoke, the bullocks were off, like human workers heading for home or the pub after a hard day’s work.

bullock walkingYou can see from the dust they kick up why cattle need showers.

End of the working day


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Those horns always freak me out…!


    1. Expat Eye says:

      You need to take a leaf out of Anna’s book. She’s never freaked out by a little horn 😉


      1. That’s coz she’s either at work or drunk. Or both.


        1. Expat Eye says:

          Weeeeellll, it is 1.45 there!


          1. The night is young! And she does work till the wee hours.


          2. Expat Eye says:

            I don’t think she is tonight!


          3. …are you hinting that there’s something going down in Moscow tonight… something I don’t know about?!?


      2. Karolyn Cooper says:

        So this is what happens when I go to sleep and leave the blog unattended: you two come here to gossip! You are welcome any time!


        1. Expat Eye says:

          Ha ha, yes, we have no shame! 🙂


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