How many Coconuts can you Carry on A Bicycle?

The one bike accessory that is essential in Bangalore is a string of tender coconuts.  The sickle on the handlebar is an optional extra.

coconuts on bike

coconut bike sickle

One little detail caught my eye about the next bike – it is propped up on a stand. My own bike leans to the side when its stand is in use, but this one is sitting upright.  Am I naive in only knowing one kind of bike stand until now?


bike stand close up

I guess it takes a strong upright stand to hold a bike steady when it is loaded with plastic containers.

bike water bottlesIf you do overload your bike, you can get it repaired at one of these places – Roadside Bicycle Repairs. But note the perceptive comment at the end of that post from B Gourley about the speed at which bicycles are being replaced by motorbikes on the streets of Bangalore.

3 thoughts on “How many Coconuts can you Carry on A Bicycle?

  1. I guess you’ve never needed to transport six dozen coconuts on a bike or worked as a tupperware distributor…otherwise you’d have known 😉

    I’ve never paid much attention to it either. The fanciest bike word I know is “sprocket”.


  2. Yes, that looks like one of those training stands cyclists use so they can ride without going anywhere (without switching to an exercise bike which… well, look, I’m not a cyclist but apparently it’s better to know your machine or something).

    Hadn’t thought of the fully-loaded bicycle but I guess you would need to upgrade to something strong enough to bear the weight of a human with all that lot on board!


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