Snowmen and Play-Doh at Selfridges

The Christmas window displays at Selfridges department store on Oxford Street are drawing crowds this year. They have giant shoes and gorgeous gingerbread architecture, but they also have these very small, very cute, snowmen and Santas.

Selfridges plane

Playdoh snowmen

The snowmen have their own Play-Doh ski-slope.
Playdoh display
Selfridges is using the windows on the side of the shop facing Orchard Street to support the Kids Company charity.

I am a regular shopper in Selfridges, but now that I’ve seen and snapped the windows, I will be using the side doors on Duke Street and Orchard Street, avoiding the crowds on Oxford Street.  I also recommend the back door of John Lewis on Cavendish Square, and the side door of Marks and Spencer (also on Orchard St).

Selfridges sign


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  1. helentowershelentowers says:

    On the plane – about to take off but will only get an hour and a half in London. Great pics – keep them coming




    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      WIshing you safe travels all the way to California!


  2. The snowmen are, indeed, super cute! I loved the idea of using PlayDoh to create the ski slope. Love the li’l Christmas trees capped with snow, too. 🙂


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