Tiffany and Tesco

Are these presents coming to my house?

Tiffany sleigh

I found that beautiful sleigh in the Tiffany & Co shop on Old Bond Street.  But, no, I don’t think that’s me under the mistletoe.

Tiffany doorstep

Blogging about Tiffany didn’t work last year, so maybe I should lower my sights, and hope for something from Tesco – after all, our local shop on Marylebone High Street is wearing a festive hat.

Tesco hat


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  1. The sleigh looks lovely! Love those rings on top, too. 😀


  2. Aw, Marylebone High St was my local High Street once, a long time ago…


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      It’s a great part of London to live in, isn’t it? That Tesco shop is opposite the end of New Cavendish St, on the site that (in the olden days of the 20th century) was Europa, Harts the Grocer, then finally Tesco. The High Street really took off when Waitrose opened. It goes more upmarket every year. Now I sometimes feel that I’m not glamorous enough to shop with the beautiful people on the High Street.
      I will post some more Marylebone photos tomorrow.


      1. Ah yes… it was Europa in my time 😉
        Can’t wait for more photos!


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