Oboes, Coffee and Stars in Marylebone

Enough of those big department stores – today I’ve got some photos of a five-star walk around the quieter streets of Marylebone.

Start on Marylebone High Street, where you can choose a Christmas tree (to buy at the end of your walk).

Marylebone High Street Christmas trees for sale

Find the first two stars on Moxon Street, at the Marylebone bar.

Marylebone Pub bicycle

Walk through Paddington Street Gardens to Chiltern Street.  Enjoy the bridal shops and the shoe shops, but just for today pay special attention to this window at Howarth, with musical instruments and one Christmas star.

Howarth Musical Instruments

Stop for coffee at Monocle, with a two-star window.


Then walk back to the High Street along Blandford Street and pick up your Christmas tree.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. GThomas says:

    You make me wish I was there! What about the tea shop we tried that’s new??


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Great, you’ve given me an excuse to go there for tea and a croissant tomorrow morning.


  2. Lovely pics, again. LOVE the window display at Howarth. 🙂


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