Balls and Baubles in Mayfair

Christmas baubles come in many colours.  In one shop, Mont Blanc pens are displayed beside red balls and Christmas greetings.  Especially for Japanese readers, there is a clear メリークリスマス above the balls.

mont blanc baubles

There seems to be a trend towards blue in New Bond Street.

blue balls on bond street
The green ball was part of Rolex’s Christmas decorations.

green Rolex ball
The purple and gold combination looks exciting, but would be better without my reflection!

Anoushka purple balls.

4 thoughts on “Balls and Baubles in Mayfair

  1. I like these Christmas tree balls. When I first went to a Hindu temple here I saw a whole lot of shiny Christmas tree balls used as decorations for the “mandir”. I thought using Christmas ornaments was quite funny until I thought about which religion is actually older – and then it occurred to me that it is very likely that what we think of as “Christmas” ornaments might well have originated in India. hug hug


  2. I’m very impressed that you can read katakana.

    yes, as a japanese reader, I can see the message メリークリスマス clearly(*^-^*)

    beautiful pictures(*’‐’*)♪


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