So that’s where the light is.

I miss the Indian sunshine.  Waking up to sunlight and bright colours was good for my soul.   There is too much grey in London.  Grey skies, dull rain, grey buildings, grey streets, and dull clothes.  Even when the weather forecast gives us “sunny intervals”, the sunshine doesn’t filter down to ground level where I live.

So the solution is to look up. Last week I found some sunshine and blue skies above the clock on the Lever Building, a recently-redeveloped office building on Clerkenwell Road.

Lever Building Clock

The next building with the cool balconies looks more like my imagined version of New York than London.  Unfortunately I don’t know how to get to it.  I hadn’t walked far from Clerkenwell Road towards Bloomsbury, so I was probably standing somewhere near Gray’s Inn Road, but I can’t pinpoint it more accurately.

Clerkenwell or Bloomsbury  balconies

I do know the next one – this terrace is at the back of 200 Gray’s Inn Road.  And the sky really was this blue, in one of the few sunny intervals.  But I think I need to become a reporter for ITN (Independent Television News) to get access to the terrace.

200 Grays Inn Road

Maybe it would be easier to ask for a haircut, to see if that gets me up onto the next roof.

Hoxton Dad's Salon(Actually no – it turns out that the advert for “Dad’s” was part of a public art project; and the salon, if it still exists, isn’t in that building, as I learned from another WordPress blog).

Hope you’ve got some sunshine where you live.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. nikkikoloff says:

    Feeling lucky to have at least 300 days of sunshine in Durango, CO! Are you going back to India soon?


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      No – we’ve left India for good. Not sure what we will do next, but I hope it involves more sunshine, and less grey rainclouds.


  2. Great pics 🙂
    If it’s any consolation, it’s cold, grey and rainy at my end, too, sigh.


  3. Kim says:

    Hi Karolyn – yes, we’ve got sunlight. We’re baking here. I just took a photo from my bedroom window that I’ll put in my blog tomorrow – just for you.


  4. pilipala51 says:

    If it is any consolation it is grey and wet here too, here being south Wales. I hope you are not missing India too much.


  5. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Keep these comments coming! So far we have reports of sunshine in Fiji and Colorado, rain in Wales and Spain.


  6. beautiful photos!!! If it makes you feel any better, Nagpur is looking pretty grey in the sky today 🙂


  7. Karolyn Cooper says:

    We should all move to Fiji. Or even Sochi – I’ve just seen the most gorgeous light on the mountains as the sun set on the mogul skiing event on TV.


  8. Public art project! I wonder how many people that confuses?

    On the other hand, you’ve made it seem as if it’s all sunshine all the time there. (They could give you a job in advertising.)


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