New Cavendish Street – 100 steps

Do you want to see my neighbourhood in London?  I live close to New Cavendish Street – in fact I can see it from my window as I type this.

Here is a slice of life from New Cavendish Street.  A very thin slice, as I only walked for one hundred steps to take these photos.  The aim was to focus more closely and notice things, and I think it worked.

Polish Naval HQ
Polish Naval HQ at No. 51

Number 51, New Cavendish Street has a plaque on the wall, commemorating the fact that this building was the HQ of the Polish Navy from 1939 to 1945.  The Polish Navy was part of the Allied forces in the Second World War, using ships leased from the British and three of their own destroyers which had sailed from Poland to Scotland on the eve of war.  The names on the plaque are the names of naval vessels.

I wondered how I had missed that plaque before, but it was only affixed last year, and there are photos on this link of the unveiling of the plaque by Ambassador Witold Sobkow.  The event was attended by Councillor Sarah Richardson, who is the Lord Mayor of Westminster. It was also attended by Vice Admiral Stanislaw Zarychta, Commander of the Maritime Operations Centre of the Polish Navy.

London was also home to the Polish Government in Exile from 1940 to 1990, and the Embassy of Poland is still just round the corner on Portland Place.  The Embassy and the Polish Heritage Society UK were responsible for creating the Polish Navy plaque, with the co-operation of the local landowner, the Howard de Walden Estate.  (So the plaque is not part of the English Heritage scheme mentioned in my previous post.)

Next door to number 51, number 53 is the local doctor’s surgery.  This area of London is home to many private medical facilities, especially on Harley Street, but the Cavendish Health Centre is actually part of the National Health Service, providing essential services to local residents like me.

There is a weird habit in this area of pretending to be on a more prestigious street.  Harley Street, with all its fancy doctors, runs from north to south, cutting across New Cavendish Street, Weymouth Street and Devonshire Street.  So those three streets are full of buildings calling themselves “Harley Street”; maybe because they are genuinely on a corner, or maybe because if you lean out of the window you can see Harley Street in the distance.  And if you can’t claim that you are on Harley Street, go for the next best one – Wimpole Street.

This sign for 30B Wimpole Street appears on New Cavendish Street, leaving me shouting at the wall – You’re not on Wimpole Street! Stop trying to do this social climbing by numbers!

The idea of taking photos within the distance I could walk in 100 steps came from the Chittle Chattle WordPress blog – thanks for the inspiration.

13 thoughts on “New Cavendish Street – 100 steps

  1. Karolyn,

    Really interesting cool blog, I’ll have to try walking 100 steps from my front door and see what I can find – can guarantee not as much as you!!! Helen

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Helen, I wish we’d tried the “100 steps” idea in Bangalore: anyone reading this in India, how about showing us a slice of life in 100 steps? There’s so much more life on show there: not so much hidden behind closed doors.


  2. I love this slice! I know the area from a long time ago – thanks for taking me with you and also for joining in. I’m always amazed at how much I see in such a short distance. Appreciate the link back, too.


  3. Well, thank you for the idea. It’s a busy street, and I’m sure all the passing drivers and pedestrians thought I was mad pointing my camera at railings and signs. But I got good pictures for today’s post, and some ideas for the future. I will do another 100 steps on the farm as well (when the rain stops).


    1. Did you tell them you had left London? I’ve just realised I didn’t tell my doctor in India that I was leaving. He may yet be wondering when I’m going to show up with yet another problem with my digestion, leading to an enforced diet of bananas and bread.


          1. It wasn’t the KLP, lol! I’ve had a bad run since getting back home. First I was struck down by a rotten cold, followed by this stomach thing, so I’ve been oscillating between bed, bathroom and computer. Today, I finally feel a bit better, but hey, my period starts! All banalities, I do realise, but I’m about to go nuts…!


  4. Harley Street is a bit like Broadway then. I was surprised during our Senior Class trip to New York City to find out that many of the Broadway theaters are not on Broadway Avenue at all, but are in the “theater district” that Broadway runs through. Come to think of it, the avenue must have lent its name to a district – kind of like Soho, which is a neighborhood – since “Avenue” isn’t included in the name. Ah well. Loved the hundred steps parameter.


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