Mews: hooks and curly trees

So you buy your million pound Mews house in London.  How do you make the best use of it?   You can keep the stable doors, and garage your Jaguar inside.

Mews black garage doors

The doors on the upper storeys may be less useful, unless you can winch your Porsche up there.

I don't think the horses used these doors.

If you have any space at all between your front door and the cobbled street, plant some shrubs in containers.

Tree and shrubs in containers

Nothing too rural – you need to keep the chic urban look.  A few curly trees will give you a rather special place to soak up the afternoon sun.

Mews bench

8 thoughts on “Mews: hooks and curly trees

    1. Very chic, and located in fantastic places if you like city living. But not much space, or access to the open road or the mountains….and an American RV would never get round the corners into these streets!


    1. The only catch is that your Ferrari will be restricted to 30 miles per hour on all the local roads, and the cobblestones will wreck its suspension.


    1. And if you’re sunbathing in a bikini, you’ll shock the London taxi drivers….actually, no, I’m wrong, nothing can shock them.


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