Top Trunks

No birds today – just trees.

If you move from India to the UK, don’t move in December.  You condemn yourself to weeks of dark mornings and grey afternoons.  But when the sun does shine in London in winter, it shines low in the sky and gives a beautiful light, showing off this tree in Regent’s Park in February.

Shadow of tree in Regent's Park

The winter sun also gave me this great shadow in London’s Tavistock Square in January, of a drainpipe trying to be a tree.

Tree shadow Tavistock Sq

Like the first photo, this was taken around 11am, so the low angle of the sun isn’t coming from the sunrise or the “golden hour”. It’s just the effect of winter at a latitude of 51 degrees north.  I don’t remember light like this in Bangalore, which lies much closer to the equator at 13 degrees north.

But I do remember one tree from India.  A banyan tree that sticks in my mind, because I spent two years hating it.

banyan 13

It lurks on the 13th hole of Clovergreens golf course.  And I would love to know how it causes every golf ball hit down that fairway to veer sharply to the right and lodge beside, behind, or inside the tree.


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  1. You hated a banyan tree? I think we need to hear this story, lol!


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      It’s just golf. Twice a week I reached the 13th hole of this golf course, and at least once a week my ball hit this tree. Most of the time the balls re-appeared, but the tree was pretty reluctant to let them go.
      Only once did that tree make me happy – when I saw four little owls sitting in a row on a branch. They were so cute…and so much at risk from the golfers’ wild shots. I hope they survived.


      1. Aw, what a cute story, especially the owly part 🙂 I’m so glad I asked, lol.


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