Life in Marylebone: a photo competition

There is a local photography competition coming up soon, called “Life in Marylebone”.  I enjoy seeing new pictures of my neighbourhood, so please do enter the competition!

Marylebone High Street shop signs
Shops and restaurants on Marylebone High Street

The organisers are looking for images that evoke the people, landscape, scenes, or any detail of daily life in Marylebone.


La Fromagerie
It may look rural and French, but honestly, it’s a detail of daily life in Marylebone….for those who like cheese, at least.


I am planning to enter the contest, so I shouldn’t be encouraging competitors, should I?  Never mind, here is what you need to know.

Photos must be taken within the area defined as the old Borough of Marylebone, and must be taken between 18 and 27 April 2014 (so I can’t just re-use old photos from this blog!).

Click here for more details of the competition.

So where are the boundaries of Marylebone?

What is the adjective for Marylebone? Marylebonic? This photo must qualify as Marylebonic.
Definitely inside the Old Borough of Marylebone…in fact maybe I’m locked inside.

For this competition, most of Regent’s Park is included, but not all.  So I’d better be careful when I’m taking photos in case my goslings stray over the border.  Oxford Street marks the southern border, separating us from Mayfair.  On the western side, the Edgware Road divides Marylebone from Bayswater and Hyde Park.

To the east of Marylebone is the district of Fitzrovia.  The local website Fitzrovia News reported the recent discussion at our local council about this boundary in the context of town planning.  There was a big tussle over Great Portland Street before it finally landed in Fitzrovia.  However, we can take our photos as far east as Cleveland Street for this competition.

So don’t forget, if you’re in Marylebone, carry your camera from 18th April.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh man, I remember that cheese shop… drooooooool…..


  2. Is that top one going in? I like it. Great detail, both in the sharp sections and in the less-focussed background, and well framed.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      I can’t just submit that photo, because it was taken too early, before the competition period. But I’ve been back to the same spot this week to capture the same scene…and so far, failing miserably. One last chance this afternoon!


      1. Good luck! It can be difficult to click the shutter just the right way twice on the same scene.


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