Spring on the Distant Drumlin

While I’ve been enjoying City life in Marylebone and Bankside,  spring has arrived on the Distant Drumlin.  Even better, there are spring lambs on the next drumlin.  Here are some of the cutest ones.

2 lambs - Version 2
“Do you think that person is bringing food?”      “No, I think we are going to be blog stars.”
ewe and lamb - Version 2
“Either get yourself a blue streak, or leave.”
one lamb turning
“Is my coat one size too big? It looks a bit wrinkly.”

12 thoughts on “Spring on the Distant Drumlin

      1. Lol! I wish I could. My lamb was on one of our fields at the back of the house so I had quick and easy access. I was observing hoping I could get a ‘nice’ shot when I saw the lamb do a little jump and I was on him, then he did a second jump and I let off a series of shots, and that was it! He walked off into the distance with his/her mother…..gone! Lucky me!


  1. I planned to write “CUTE!” – but I see two people have beat me to that. My next thought was “adorable” – got pipped at that, too. So I will say huggable and swee (but what I really mean is cute and adorable)t.

    Question (cause I’m really clueless) – what is the purpose of the blue stripe?


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