Regent’s Park: Living on the Edge

Regent’s Park is surrounded by beautiful terraced houses, designed by the architect John Nash, and all decorated with the same cream paint.


Peer through the railings and you may get a glimpse of a private garden.

Garden of York Terrace West

Regent’s Park was first opened to the public in 1835.  It is named after the Prince Regent (memorably portrayed by Hugh Laurie in Blackadder the Third) who commissioned John Nash to design the layout of the park and the surrounding area.

Regent’s Park is still one of London’s Royal Parks, and the maintenance of the gardens and roads close to the park is handled by the Crown Estate Paving Commission (“CEPC”).  Royal insignia appear on some of the gates and lamp posts; and even the litter bins have crowns.

The inscriptions use Latin, with Roman numerals and the letter “R” referring to “regina” (queen) or “rex” (king).  So the photographs below show the insignia for the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth the Second, and for the Prince Regent himself, when he ruled as George the Fourth.



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  1. Aw, Blackadder… lol. First series crap, then a massive improvement! Hugh Laurie def had a hand in that 🙂


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Such a contrast between the Prince Regent, Wooster, and his comedy sketches with Stephen Fry on the one hand, and grumpy old House M.D. on the other hand.


      1. He’s certainly versatile 🙂


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