International Newspapers

I get most of my news online, but sometimes it’s nice to relax in a London cafe with a newspaper printed on real paper.  If you don’t want the news in English, here are some other options which I spotted on Marylebone High Street W1, and Columbia Road E2.

If you live in a really posh house in Marylebone, you don’t need to venture out to a cafe. You can have the Financial Times delivered to your front door (I’m pretty sure that the pages aren’t pink enough to be Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport).

Newspaper Delivery

6 thoughts on “International Newspapers

  1. I love seeing newspapers in different scripts. When in Israel I bought a newspaper in Hebrew to use as gift wrapping. Here I really like looking at the Hindi language newspaper – Shanti Dut. I can make out a few of the letters, but rarely enough to have any idea of what is being said. (and no idea what “Dut” is either, come to think of it!)


    1. Yes, they are. Now you’re making me think: Do I actually use the knob on my own front door, or is it just decoration? It’s no good for opening the door; I just open the door with the key, and push. But when I’m leaving the house, I do pull it shut with the knob.


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