The Antenna of Fitzrovia

The tallest building in my neighbourhood in London is the BT Tower.  It is both visible and mysterious.  It’s visible all the way across Fitzrovia and Marylebone to Regent’s Park.

Regents Park view of BT Tower (cropped)

Now for the mystery.  We know what it is NOT.

It is NOT open to the public (although visitors were welcome from its opening in 1965 until 1980 and there was even a revolving restaurant near the top).

It is NOT an Official Secret (although it was omitted from official maps for a long time).  It even has its own Twitter account now – @bttowerlondon.

It is NOT a clock, but in 2012 it did display a countdown of the days remaining until the start of the London Olympics.

It is NOT the tallest building in London – it is only 11th in the current list.

It is NOT a post office, even though it was called the Post Office Tower when it was first built.  It is now called the BT Tower. (British Telecommunications plc is part of the BT Group).

If you walk along Howland Street, you begin to see what it really is – a pretty cool-looking, and still functioning, communications tower.  Take a closer look at the top levels in the next photo.

BT Tower communications

 Here are some links to interesting sites about the BT Tower:



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim in Fiji says:

    Dang! I would have enjoyed lunch at the top of that thing!


  2. This makes me wonder, why they removed the restaurant/ why they dont open one again. The view must be great and at least in other cities such towers are often tourist spots, making the restaurants very profitable


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      They had security problems. I hope it re-opens. Other tall buildings in London have restaurants now. There’s a bar at the top of Centrepoint, and restaurants in the Shard. I hope the BT people are reading your comment!


      1. Let’s hope they do, so I have another site to visit when going there!


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