Container Gardening in Marylebone

The only way to keep a garden in central London thriving in summer is to use containers, and pray for rain.  My expat life never really allowed my neglected plants to thrive in Marylebone.  So here are some photos of windowboxes and tubs that have been nurtured more carefully by local gardeners.

window boxes (cropped)

Keep it simple, bright and sophisticated, and you will meet the Marylebone standard.

And beware of plants that want to take over the world.

ivy covered wall in a marylebone mews



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  1. Partner hates climbers on walls, I love them, but I am always informed about how they eat away at the mortar.

    I’ve had to adapt to containers in Spain as we have no land. They’ll all be dead by now after The Accident :(. Start all over again come autumn.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Your Partner is probably right. The climber in my photo is eating away at the mortar, the bricks, and the windows; the scaffolding is next on the menu.


  2. Climbers may play havoc with mortar, bricks but sure looks lovely and green! BTW – I love all those fabulous blue flowers!!


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