Quiz: Which Embassies Fly These Flags?

I’ve got a quiz for you today to celebrate some of the diplomatic missions located in Marylebone.  How many of these flags do you recognise?

I know from the WordPress statistics that I’ve had visitors to the blog from all of these countries.  So, thank you for reading, and please say hello in the comments if you see your own flag here.

Scroll down beyond the next photo to see the answers.  I don’t expect many people to recognise this giant green and black flag draped over the crowd at a rugby match – unless you went to my old school in Northern Ireland.

Sullivan Flag



MALDIVES The flag flies outside the High Commission on Nottingham Place. The term “High Commission” is used instead of “Embassy” to describe a diplomatic mission between two countries which are members of the Commonwealth.
Swiss embassy flag
SWITZERLAND – The white cross flies outside the Embassy of Switzerland on Montagu Place.


UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA  Another Commonwealth country, another High Commission, this time on Stratford Place.


POLAND This flag flies outside the Embassy on Portland Place. Did you think (as I did) that the flag of Poland was a simple design of red and white stripes? This variant of the flag, with the national coat of arms, is legally reserved for official use abroad and at sea.


Flags 1
EUROPEAN UNION and SWEDEN – These flags fly together outside the Swedish Ambassador’s Residence on Portland Place.
Flegs - Colombia
COLOMBIA This yellow, blue and red flag flies outside the Consulate on Portland Place. 




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  1. Reminds me of Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun With Flags”, lol!


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:



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