Regent’s Park: A Place to Pray or Study

It’s time for exams and graduations in colleges all over London.  Regent’s Park is home to an independent university called Regent’s University London, a horticultural college called Capel Manor College, and the subject of today’s post – London Business School.

London Business School was founded in 1964, built up a reputation as a good place to study for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and became a full college of the University of London in 1996.

LBS bikes

The grounds of London Business School are gorgeous.  Would these gardens and cloisters inspire you to study or tempt you to dream away your days?

LBS garden

LBS cloisters

Just north of the business school is the Regent’s Park Mosque.  It seemed fitting to post these photos today, as Ramadan begins.

RP Mosque dome The site near Hanover Gate was donated by the British Government in 1944 for the provision of an Islamic Cultural Centre and mosque.  Construction of the main mosque building was finally completed in 1977.

RP Mosque minaret

For information on the Regent’s Park Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, including a timetable for Ramadan, click here.

For information on London Business School, click here.


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  1. Kim in Fiji says:

    I LOVE that willow! … and am really surprised that Ramadan is just starting because a few weeks ago some shops had their “Eid sale” signs out. I guess the Hindu shopkeepers were as calendar confused as I am.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karolyn Cooper says:

    I’ve double-checked my information, and I still think Ramadan is just starting. So your shopkeepers need to wait a few weeks.


    1. Kim in Fiji says:

      Yes – I knew you were right by the time I wrote, because I also looked it up. Should have said that.. Maybe the shopkeepers are going the “start Christmas sales in October” route….


  3. linnetmoss says:

    That tree is a stunner! I love the parks in London, especially St. James. But I need to come back and see more of them.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      You’ve just given me an idea – I haven’t blogged from St James’ Park yet. I used to work near there, and walk round the park at lunchtime. It’s about time I called my friends who are still in the office and see if I can combine lunch, sitting on a deckchair in the park, and taking some photos.


      1. linnetmoss says:

        Ah, I shall look forward to your post!


  4. Such a beautiful place! 🙂


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