High above North Greenwich

When central London feels too hot and claustrophobic, I head for the river.   Since 2012 there has been a cable car service across the Thames, connecting the Royal Docks and the Greenwich Peninsula.  I took these photos on the Greenwich side while I was waiting to see a show at the nearby O2 Arena.

Emirates Air Line pillar

This is the cable car station on the south side of the river.

SE10 Edmund Halley Way

The cable car link is designed for use by both tourists looking for good views over London, and commuters needing to cross the river.  It has a 10 year sponsorship deal with Emirates.

Emirates Air Line cable car underside

I watched the cable cars crossing the river for a while, then headed towards the O2 Arena, where I was going to see the show “Monty Python Live (Almost)”.  Some people were hiking over the roof of the massive dome.  I did not join them, as my, more expensive, ticket for the show entitled me to enter through the front door and use the escalators.

Climbing O2 roof

O2 roof and hikers


Click here to book a walk over the roof of the O2 arena.

Click here for information on the cable car.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim in Fiji says:

    I will really know my way around London next time, if I ever have a chance to return. But I am most curious about what was “Monty Python Live (Almost)” ?? I loved those dudes.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Those dudes have been performing live, re-creating their old comedy on stage. Graham Chapman died a few years ago, but the others are alive and kicking. The final show is tomorrow.
      They did all the famous old sketches about dead parrots and the Spanish Inquisition, but for me the best bits of the show were the songs, especially the Galaxy Song and the Philosophers’ Song.


      1. Kim in Fiji says:

        ENVY ENVY ENVY !! But I’m glad for YOU anyway 🙂


  2. I’d love to ride that cable car! What a view it must give.


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