Harvesting the Drumlin

It’s harvest time on the Distant Drumlin.  On Thursday morning we were surrounded by green and gold fields.  By Thursday evening the green grass and golden wheat had both been cut.

wheat on grass

Nothing happened on Friday.  A long dry summer’s day passed, with grass drying in the fields to the east of our house…..

grass piles on friday morning

….and wheat straw drying in the field to the south.

straw in stripes with red trailer

On Saturday morning it seemed like every tractor and trailer in County Down was driving on to the drumlin…..

empty trailer for straw

…..as soon as the straw was baled, it was loaded on to the trailers…..

full trailers straw

…while the grass was carted off to become silage.

silage into trailer

By Saturday evening everything was gone, except for this one ear of wheat.

grains on wood


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew says:

    I like the final image a lot. There is a real golden aura to it as well as a little poignancy.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thank you!


  2. adspark says:

    Such beautiful country!


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Are you happy to see green photos? Do you actually have any grass in your part of the world?


      1. adspark says:

        It makes me very happy to see it. We have small patches of grass in our compounds and around malls and hotels. Sometimes a manicured patch along a small section of highway. But it’s really it’s just desert out here. The land where water costs more than petrol!


  3. The same thing is going on here right now, in and around my Bavarian home village. I love the smell(s) of harvest. It’s difficult to explain unless you’ve grown up with it 😉


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Good smells, and good memories of years gone by. But I was also happy to be watching and taking photographs instead of working!


  4. Kim in Fiji says:

    Just breathtaking when the vehicles are not in view! But what a gift to have that heavy equipment doing all the back breaking labour.


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