28 Photos Later: Day 5 in London

Welcome to Day 5 of “28 Photos Later”.


Today’s photo “Red Stripe” comes from Gloucester Place, London NW1.

(Ladbrokes is a gambling company, Ocado is an online supermarket.)

Red Stripe


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  1. “St. Ocado”, as my friend calls him. Makes an apparition once a week and never fails to deliver…


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Better to worship at the altar of Ocado than the temple of gambling at Ladbrokes.

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      1. Totally! Incidentally, another North London friend of mine calls Waitose “The Temple”.

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  2. Kim in Fiji says:

    Just today on facebook, my daughter in Canada wrote about ordering groceries on line. In the backwoods of the third world it is hard to imagine such a thing. …. Nice convergence of the red stripes, and I like that 5 .


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Most of my numbers come from houses and doors, but this five is special. It is a sculpture by Robert Indiana http://robertindiana.com/works/numbers-one-through-zero/
      which I saw in the City of London. It was a good place to display the number statues, outside the banks and financial institutions.


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