28 Photos Later: Day 6 in London

Welcome to Day 6 of “28 Photos Later”.


Today is the 63rd anniversary of Queen Elizabeth the Second’s accession to the throne, so I looked for a royal photo.  You can see the Royal Rowbarge, Gloriana, if you look carefully, behind Florentijn Hofman’s HippopoThames.

Hippo & Gloriana

HippopoThames swam away from the Thames at the end of 2014.  Does anyone know where it is now?


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  1. Kim in Fiji says:

    Oh alas for earthly sovereignty! On Fiji’s one dollar coin Her Majesty the Queen was replaced by a lizard, and in the heart of her realm, her royal boat plays second fiddle to a gigantic toy hippo.

    I have to say I saw this coming. When I was a child “king-sized” was the biggest box of soap powder. A little later “giant-size” was larger than :king-size.”: Twenty or thirty years ago, “economy size” was way bigger than “giant size” and “king size” is now a small looking box.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      I was interested to see the Fiji coins on your Baha’i blog. And now I’ve heard that the Fiji flag is changing too. Hope you’re entering a design into the flag competition.


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