28 Photos Later: Day 15 in London

Welcome to Day 15 of “28 Photos Later”.


 Yesterday we had a rugby photo – today it’s cricket.  As Australia and New Zealand host the ICC Cricket World Cup, here is the route to another cricket ground in London. What is the DHL van delivering? Maybe a request for help after England lost their first match against Australia on Saturday.

NW1 Park Road

Yesterday I was looking for readers from rugby’s Six Nations.  Any chance today of a full set of Cricket World Cup countries?  Here is the list:  Pool A is Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, Scotland, Sri Lanka.  Pool B is India, Ireland, Pakistan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, West Indies, Zimbabwe.   Speak up! Leave a comment below if you are reading this in any of those nations.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew says:

    I am struggling with the idea of the UAE playing in the CWC. Have they also beaten England? Do they have a 22yd strip of sand to bowl on? Are there camels on the outfield. Sadly Wales does not make the cut.


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Yes, they do have cricket pitches – which have been used for Pakistan and Afghanistan matches, when those teams had security issues at home.


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