28 Photos Later: Day 17 in China

Welcome to Day 17 of “28 Photos Later”.


The blog is focusing on China this week, to mark the run-up to Chinese New Year.  So today’s photo is “Red Lantern”.

red lantern

I spotted the lantern in Tong Li, one of the old “water towns” popular with tourists near Shanghai.  I spent a fun day there in 2011 with a tiny camera – this Sony CyberShot T900.

KC Selfie Tongli

Wish I could go back now with my Nikon D90 and tripod!


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  1. There are many places I visited in the past were I wished I had a proper camera. Especially in2012 when we climbed hua Shan in shaanxi I only had my mobile phone with me…the pictures are a terrible mess


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Was Hua Shan beautiful? Spectactular scenery? I’ve never been there.


      1. It is very nice there and hard to put into words. Perhaps if you google “Mount Hua” you might find some okayish pictures but it is always hard with mountains to get an overall impression with just pictures from a certain spot


  2. Kim in Fiji says:

    Nice lantern. I thought all 28 days were going to be in London. Surprise for me!


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Back to London on Friday!


  3. niviews says:

    Nothing worse than being somewhere and seeing a fantastic picture with no camera, happens most of us way too often. I gave up on my bulky SLR some time ago and just use a really good compact now (sony rx100) its able to be used fully manual so does the job in a pocket size. Anyway, love your numbers idea. Might steal it at some stage and adapt it to my own surroundings 😀


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      You know where I got the numbers idea? The London Olympics. The TV coverage of the Opening Ceremony had a countdown with numbers from London. So I started collecting them.

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      1. niviews says:

        Haha, its a good one. I like it 😉


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