28 Photos Later: Day 23 in London

Welcome to Day 23 of “28 Photos Later”, and to a door leading to a Marylebone flat where my husband lived twenty years ago.  It was a beautiful flat, now owned by the hospital next door.

23 Dev Place door

The number 23 was printed on the football shirt of David Beckham and the basketball jersey of Michael Jordan.  David, Michael: if you are reading the blog, here’s a place in London where you can both play at the same time.

W2 John Aird Court
John Aird Court, Paddington, London W2





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    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      It’s a lovely building on an elegant street. Paul rented the flat on the second floor from 1994-98. Then he moved out, and we bought our own place. We both have happy memories of that time. That’s why I cheated today – I wanted to celebrate number 23, but it was raining too heavily yesterday for me to walk round to Devonshire Place and take a new photo. So I cheated, and used an old image. I’m about to go out for a walk now, so I hope to be bang up to date for the rest of the week!


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