Pillarbox Red

My front door in London has just been re-painted.   I chose the colour from a computer screen, and didn’t see the actual paint until it was too late.  I had been hoping for something darker.

KC Blog Red Door

Should we call the final result “pillarbox red”?  Does it remind you of this?

postbox in w2

London’s pillarboxes have been built in different shapes since they were first introduced in the 1850s.  The next photo shows a hexagonal one on St Pancras Way, London NW1.

Victorian postbox

The hexagonal boxes were designed by John Penfold (1828-1909). If you have ever watched the TV cartoon about Dangermouse and his secret headquarters in a postbox on Baker Street, now you know where his sidekick Penfold’s name came from.

More common is the 20th century cylindrical design, as seen here in Connaught Square, London W2.  The postboxes all bear the name of the King or Queen.  In this one you can see “ER II” for our present Queen Elizabeth; in the photo above it is “VR” for Queen Victoria.

postbox connaught sq (1)

But if I’m looking for the postbox which most closely resembles my front door, taking into account the shape, and the chrome fittings, it must be this one in Cavendish Square, London W1.

postbox cavendish sq

I’m getting used to the colour of my door now.  It is definitely cheerful and welcoming.  I’ll let you know if anyone tries posting their letters here.

27 thoughts on “Pillarbox Red

  1. I like the hexagonal box. Very Cool Britannia. We have a VR box locally but not so impressive. If anyone raises an eyebrow tell them to go to Burano. Then they will understand colour. I like it.


    1. Our Marylebone neighbours mostly go for sophisticated understated pastels. They are whispering; we are SHOUTING.
      On another subject….may the best team win this afternoon….and then I can repaint the door green.

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  2. Great post.!! I never think paint looks the same as a sample as it does on the actual item it’s painted on.! On another note, isn’t red is a lucky color for a door in feng shui.?


  3. Lovely. Either by computer or chip samples, it is hard to tell what a colour is going to look like when stretched across an expanse. It is always darker or brighter than I expect. For you, I think this was a lucky mistake.


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