Remembrance of War: Australia

After seeing the poppies at the Tower of London in November 2014, I didn’t expect to see anything quite as moving for a long time.  Then I went on holiday to New Zealand and Australia, and visited some of their war memorials.  I took these photos at the Australian National War Memorial in Canberra in December 2014.

roll of honour Canberra

Poppies had been placed between the panels on the Roll of Honour for the First World War, as tributes to fallen soldiers.

Aus War Mem poppies Smith

This month holds special significance in Australia, as 25 April 2015 marks the centenary of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landing on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.

Aus War Mem poppies one line

The Gallipoli campaign lasted for eight months, and more than 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed.

Roll of Honour poppies

Even after such bloodshed in 1914-18, our world wasn’t smart enough to stop wars. The Canberra memorial commemorates Australian military service in later conflicts too, as you can see from the place-names engraved on the stone walls.

Australian National War Memorial

I will post my photos from New Zealand tomorrow.







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  1. In Germany we have many war memorials spread around the country. Not too far away we have a big memorial for all the victims who died at sea during both world wars and my hometown has a general memorial in the forest for the fallen soldiers in both world wars

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  2. linnetmoss says:

    What a beautiful memorial. Thanks for the Tower of London link–I hadn’t known about that.


  3. Kim in Fiji says:

    Beautiful tribute – but I am of two minds. One is that I agree with remembering fallen soldiers, but on the other war is such a stupid, stupid waste of human life and energy! I love this rant by a retired general shortly before WW2:


    1. Karolyn Cooper says:

      Thanks for that link. Take the profit out of war, indeed, and take the money and decision-making away from the profiteers, and maybe things would be different.


  4. Quite the stunning way to remember – beautifully captured in your photographs. Now… if only such remembrances were never ever needed!!


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