Legible London on the Canal

This is my second post from Regent’s Canal. Yesterday I showed you the birds. Today it’s the signposts.Regents Canal Mile End Lock sign

I walked from King’s Cross to the Thames at Limehouse.  How hard can that be? Just stick close to the water without falling in.

Canal boat moored

In fact the Legible London signposts along the way proved very useful.  The Islington Tunnel has no towpath, forcing modern day walkers, like the horses which once pulled barges, to leave the canal and find their way along the road.

Regents Canal Islington Tunnel signI made it back to the canal without getting lost.  For the next few miles the walk was interesting, with the canal and towpath busy with narrowboats, moorhens, coots, joggers, dog-walkers and cyclists.  I was seeing new canal-side developments for the first time, for apartments, business, coffee shops and ducks.

ducks in De Beauvoir Town

There was plenty of signage on the towpath and bridges, until the landmarks were tall enough to reassure me that the Thames couldn’t be far away.

Canary Wharf from towpath

Finally I reached Limehouse Basin, and a choice of where to go next.

Limehouse signpost

I’m a big fan of Legible London who have managed to gather up all the information on those fingerposts and display it on a clear board.  But here’s a warning about their Limehouse signpost: neither the 5 minute cycle nor the 15 minute walk into the middle of the Thames are to be attempted without a wetsuit.

Limehouse Legible London map



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