Bleeding London – The Exhibition

Some of my photographs are in an exhibition in London, and I’m ridiculously, disproportionately proud.  They may only be a tiny part of an exhibition of hundreds of images of London streets, but I’m still feeling like the queen of the photoblogosphere.

This is what you need to know so that you can go on a photo-hunt.  The Royal Photographic Society has arranged an exhibition of 1200 images from their Bleeding London project.  The exhibition is being held in London’s City Hall from this week until 14 August.

City Hall beside Tower Bridge

Click here to read more about the exhibition on the RPS website.

City Hall is only 10 minutes walk from London Bridge station, on the south bank of the Thames between Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast.  Entry is free of charge.

The photographs are displayed in groups; some on the second floor, and some in the basement cafe.  There is a huge variety of images, covering ordinary districts of the city as well as famous landmarks, ordinary people as well as the Queen and the Mayor.

Bleeding London exhibition wall

You can see my name on the list of participating photographers, but there are no signs to tell you which photographer took which picture, or where the photographs were taken.  So I should give you some help in finding my pictures.

The first was taken in Little Albany Street, NW1.  This is the scene that greeted me when I walked into the street.  Not very promising?

Sign for Little Albany Street

I was saved by the poppies growing among the weeds which are just visible beside the red car.  The poppies, as captured on my iPhone, have made it into the exhibition.  Look for them above the photo of the Royal Family!

NW1 Little Albany Street

The curators of the exhibition must like bright colours, because they selected these hats too.

Bleeding London exhibition Clay St

The hard hats were hanging over railings in Clay Street, a narrow street running parallel to Baker Street.  Most of Clay Street was a construction site when I visited there in June 2014.

Clay Street scaffolding

I went back last week to see the completed “bespoke collection of five new townhouses”.  Funny how the construction work generated more interesting images than the finished building.

Clay street townhouses

Many of my submissions to the Bleeding London project came from gritty inner London districts, but I wandered up to Hampstead one sunny day in June 2014 to mix with the wealthy, artistic classes, and stare at their community noticeboard in Flask Walk NW3.

NW3 Flask Walk community noticeboard

Three other images from the exhibition have already featured on this blog.

Click here to read the post from September 2014 about Hyde Park Street and my wish to live in Bayswater.

“I love Mustafa”   Click here to read the post from July 2014 about the graffiti which made me smile on Burne Street, a short street close to the junction of the A5 (Edgware Road) and A40 (Marylebone Road).

Click here to read the post from July 2014 which included England flags draped from windows on Ashbridge Street during the World Cup.

And when you’ve finished clicking, go along to the exhibition!





5 Comments Add yours

  1. You ARE queen of the blogosphere!! Congratulations!!!!! And yes – the image of work in progress is far more interesting than that boring boxy building. And yes – to keep calm, I do play piano!! (when it can be unearthed from the rubble of my beloved home!) Fabulous update about your photos being part of what looks like an interesting exhibit!!! Bravo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim in Fiji says:

    Kudos! I’d be really impressed at just one entry accepted. You got so MANY entries accepted. Wow. They’re going to start calling YOU the “London Eye”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations for being featured there 🙂
    It is interesting what different scenes can be photographed within a city and yes, the construction site picture is much more ‘alive’ the number the finished building 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. linnetmoss says:

    Congratulations! Love the hard hats!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. WOW, congrats 🙂 🙂 🙂 You’ve well and truly made it now! The one with the flowers is my favourite.

    Liked by 1 person

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